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Rising Bread Is Available Now

We are excited to welcome Rising Bread to River Market! Since early June, we have sourced our bread from this great local provider.

Based in River Falls, WI, Rising Bread uses locally sourced, organic flours and ingredients whenever possible. Embracing traditional sourdough baking techniques, bread is fermented between 48 and 60 hours, ensuring that it is easily digestible and nutrients are more easily absorbable, while also maintaining intense and incredible flavor. Their meticulous techniques yield highly nutritious and flavorful bread. 

All flour is made with sustainably-produced grains from organic, Wisconsin farms. The stone-milled flours preserve and maximize the rich flavor and nutritional value, ensuring a high quality, healthy product. The high-quality ingredients support better digestion and gut health while delivering a superior flavor profile. 

You can purchase Rising Bread’s loaves now, look for them in our bread section by the deli. Read more about Rising Bread here.