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New Tools For Improved Soil -Our Final Grant Recipient Visit

How Foxtail Farm uses drop seed and sileage tarp to improve soil health

We rounded off the final of our three grant recipient visits with a trip to Foxtail Farm in Osceola, Wisconsin. 

A mainstay within the Northwest Wisconsin community, the farm’s proprietors, Emmalyn and Cody, have a lot on their plate fulfilling Spring, Summer, and Fall CSA’s, along with a presence at three area farmer’s markets. They’ve been the operators of the farm since 2019, with Cody making the distinction that he is “a farmer; Emmalyn is THE farmer”. 

The duo operate the farm on a human scale and with a focus on using regenerative practices. One of the pillars of that practice is their implementation of soil building using cover cropping to increase biomass, fertility, structure, and habitat. These techniques help the farm reduce their dependence on external goods, aid in their ability to grow their own mulch, and even promote goat grazing on the land. 

To assist in these practices, Foxtail used their Growers, Grazers, Makers, and Bakers grant money to purchase a drop seeder. This implement attaches to a walk-behind tractor that adjusts for seed size and helps keep soil healthy and promotes healthy cover crop growth. They also purchased silage tarp with grant funding, which keeps weeds at bay and encourages healthy seed germination. They’ll keep tweaking and optimizing their new soil building system and continue growing nutrient dense food through practices that nurture land stewardship for years to come. You can stay up to date on all things Foxtail via their Instagram and website

River Market Community Co-op created the Growers, Grazers, Makers & Bakers Fund to continue our progress toward our ends: cultivating a healthy community through equitable economic relationships; positive environmental impacts and inclusive, socially responsible business practices. All funds go to local farmers, producers, and processors to address specific needs. Funds for the grant program are generated through our Rounding Up program. Stay tuned for more news!