Read July’s article from River Market Community Co-op’s Board of Directors

River Market plays a vital role in fostering economic and social development within the St. Croix Valley and surrounding communities.  We unite individuals with shared goals, who want to see improvement and growth in our community.  One key aspect of our success at River Market is our emphasis on supporting and promoting local products and partners.  We have seen great success with the Growers, Grazers, Makers, and Bakers program over the past year!  We also see it daily in the options and products which are available at the market each day.  River Market is an incredible catalyst to all of these principles and ideas in the St. Croix Valley.  At River Market our board of directors and General Manager do not take these responsibilities lightly.  We are proud to be a small part of this process to help our community and owners. 

At River Market we take pride in helping our community and local partners in many ways. 

  1. Economic Growth and Development: This is something which is intrinsically tied to being a co-op.  We prioritize local products, partners and want to play our part in bolstering the local economy by creating employment opportunities and supporting local partners.  The Growers, Grazers, Makers, and Bakers program has shed light on some of the great organizations in the area we rely on at River Market. 
  2. Environmental Sustainability:  Our goal is to operate in the most environmentally conscious way possible.  We want to prioritize local products and use producers who have a closer connection to their land and operate with environmentally friendly methods. 
  3. Fostering Community Connection:  River Market is more than a grocery store.  We are about building relationships and fostering a sense of community.  By offering local products, we connect owners with the producers and farmers who help create these goods.  This interaction and transparency creates trust, stronger community bonds, and creates the best shopping experience possible.  Local products often come with stories and great people behind them making them more meaningful to our owners.
  4. Building Cultural Connection:  Local products are often deeply rooted in the heritage of our community.  Traditional craftsmanship, artisanal techniques are preserved in the creation of local goods.  By valuing and purchasing these products River Market helps contribute to the preservation and growth of these products made here in our communities.
  5. Strengthen Owner Engagement and Connection:  River Market thrives on owner engagement and participation.  Our prioritization of local products and producers deepen our connection with our owners.  We want to create a sense of pride for our owners and create an environment we can all be proud of to know that shopping at River Market helps our community.

The importance of local products for River Market cannot be overstated.  When we support local business, we help stimulate economic growth, empower smaller producers, and build community connections.  We also strive to do our part with the environment, promote food security, and work to choose products which align with the values of our owners.  River Market is a place we know we can rely on to be a driving force in the St. Croix Valley and Stillwater area to lead by example.  We are proud to be a part of improving the local economy. 

River Market Board