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Our Ode To Joy

Happy retirement to our favorite produce clerk!


She had always been a member/owner, had a garden and believed in the mission and team at River Market. It was fortuitous for everyone that in 2010 there was an opening in the Produce and Bulk Department. That position was right up Joy’s street. She liked the physical work of stocking; it played well with her long experience as a farmer and gardener. The detail orientation, with all the varying colors and textures, merchandising produce worked well with her professional experience working in textiles. For many of you who know Joy, she has a way with a needle and her clothing choices highlight her day, the orange jumpsuit is a legend!

I asked Joy about what she will take away from River Market and what were her favorite memories. Her response was emblematic of her passion: “I am so proud to be able to merchandise and handle the local produce that comes in, it fills me with admiration and appreciation for our producer’s hard work.”

As she moves from work to retirement, Joy plans to spend more time with family and do a bit of traveling. She was sure to say that she will continue doing all the things she cares the most about, but better and more of it! The list is long, the flowers and vegetable garden, family history, cooking and she’s especially excited to bake without rushing.

Another memory Joy wanted to pass along was that through the years working at River Market she has met so many wonderful people and wanted to remind everyone ‘to be kind and go outside’.

Joy, you will be missed for your dedication, enthusiasm and kindness. Thank you, for all the everythings!