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Learn about our new grant recipients at Cimarron Community Farm

Our first ever trip to a GGMB grant recipient

Elise and Madeline are the farmers at Cimarron Community Farm. They graciously invited us to spend the morning on their beautiful half-acre in Lake Elmo, Minnesota.  Last year on this small parcel of land they grew 12,000lbs of vegetables, most of which they gave away for free.

This year, Cimarron Community Farm was one of three recipients of funds through our grant program, the Growers, Grazers, Makers & Bakers Fund. They have used the grant to purchase insect netting to protect the crops from pests, weed tarps to control weeds, and cover crops to support their no-till methods.

Every other Monday the farm hosts a farmer’s market where over fifty families benefit from receiving free vegetables grown right in their community. On the other Mondays, they partner with Family Means and Valley Outreach to give free food to over a hundred families. They also have a CSA program with 30 boxes distributed each week. This incredible work is all accomplished by two tenacious farmers and a handful of volunteers.

Space is utilized to the fullest everywhere you look at their farm – a tidy shed houses tools and supplies, a covered space is clean and neatly organized, with space to wash harvested vegetables, along with a walk-in cooler. In the evenings, neighbors living in the community will often sit at picnic tables to be close to this peaceful, thriving operation. You can stay up to date on Cimarron’s progress via their Instagram or website.

River Market Community Co-op created the Growers, Grazers, Makers & Bakers Fund to continue our progress toward our ends: cultivating a healthy community through equitable economic relationships; positive environmental impacts and inclusive, socially responsible business practices. All funds go to local farmers, producers, and processors to address specific needs. Funds for the grant program are generated through our Rounding Up program. Stay tuned for more news featuring our other grant recipients!