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Happy retirement to our favorite produce clerk! Joy! She had always been a member/owner, had a garden and believed in the mission and team at River Market. It was fortuitous for everyone that in 2010 there was an opening in the Produce and Bulk Department. That

Below you'll find the 2023 Board Of Directors Candidates running for election to our board. Please take the time to read each application thoroughly before casting your vote! May Bend 1. Why would you like to serve on the Board of Directors of River Market Community

Owners will save 10% on all purchases from September 15-18 For over 45 years, River Market Community Co-op has grown to over 6,000 owners, for which we are endlessly appreciative. As the store is in service to the owners, our aim is to serve them as

Baba's hummus and pita is in store now! Stories like Baba's are hard to come by. Originally a food truck serving up authentic Palestinian food, Baba's is now home to their own storefront in Minneapolis' Lyndale neighborhood! Starting in 2021, Baba's authentic middle east flavor and