Order your co-op groceries,

from the comfort of home.

We’ve partnered with Mercato so you can shop for your favorite River Market Co-op groceries, skin care, supplements, and more online.

Pick them up curbside Monday through Friday.

Curbside Pick-up:

  • Pricing | There is a $35 order minimum and a 5% fee added to every order placed.
  • Sales | While many sale prices are available when you shop online, some deals and all in-store sales events’ prices do not apply to online shopping at this time. Thank you for understanding.
  • Owner Rewards | Owners accrue rewards through purchases both online and in-store.  Once an Owner reaches 1000 points they have the option to use their $15 reward online or in-store.
  • Returns | If you’d like to return an item, that is done directly through Mercato.  If you find a damaged, missing, or expired item in your order, immediately contact Mercato directly by visiting their return page.

Shopping your order:

  • How to place an order | Click Sign-In on the top-right corner and then “click” the Sign-Up link to create an account. Once there:
    • Enter 55082
    • Choose River Market Community Co-op to shop with. 
    • Click “Shop All Items” and begin creating your order
    • Check out & Schedule your Local Pickup
    • More information on how to place an order here.
  • Adding Notes To Items | Interested in half of your banana order being riper than the other?  You can add notes to your order by clicking on your basket on the upper right corner of the page and clicking “Preferences” next to the pencil icon under each item on your order. Add notes for your shopper here.
  • Checking out | Once you have completed adding items to your cart: 
    • Click the basket in the top right-hand corner.
    • Select the green “Proceed to checkout” button.
    • Confirm address and select fulfillment type & date/time.
    • Once you’ve entered all necessary information select “Place my order”.
    • More information on checking out here.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Why is there a higher charge on my credit card than what my order sub-total is? The initial authorization on your account may be higher than the order subtotal. This authorization is higher to allow for any price adjustments that the merchant may need to process like item substitutions, item quantities, or sizes specifically in bulk, meat, cheese.  Once your order has been processed, usually within 3 business days after it has been delivered, the merchant will adjust the final total for your order. Any authorizations on your account will be reversed and the final amount will be posted to your account.  Please allow up to 5 business days for this process to be completed.
  • An item in my order was out of stock, did I still get charged? You will not be charged for any items that were canceled by the merchant. Mercato will send a Final Bill email with an itemized receipt of everything you have been charged for once your order has been fulfilled by the store.
  • I picked up my order, but there was not a receipt with it? All payments go directly through Mercato.  Once we finish shopping your order, we notify Mercato and they finalize the receipt and email you your final copy.  If you have any questions about your receipt, please contact us at or 651-439-0366.