The Board of Directors Work For You

The River Market Community Co-op’s (RMCC) Board of Directors represents the interests of the owners and is accountable to owners. Owners directly participate in this process by communicating with directors; attending board meetings; running as a board candidate; and electing board officers in annual elections. Owners are encouraged to provide input to inform board discussion in crafting policy.

The Board consists of seven (7) to nine (9) volunteer directors elected by the Ownership who are legally responsible for the overall direction and performance of the Co-op. The Board carries out this responsibility by establishing broad policy guidelines, and by monitoring the General Manager within that framework. It is the General Manager’s function to implement the policies established by the board and carry out the day-to-day operations. Directors typically spend an average of 10 to 16 hours per month on board-related activities.

Responsibilities of your Board:


To ensure sound management of the co-op by hiring, supervising, and evaluating the General Manager.


To enact governing policies, carry out the directives of the Co-ops Articles and By-laws and update all of the above as necessary


To act as trustees of owners by providing oversight of the co-ops finances.


And to engage in long-range strategic planning for the co-op’s future.

How your Board accomplishes this:

River Market Community Co-op utilizes the “Policy Governance” model of organizational management. Policy Governance is a system for organizational governance that defines and guides appropriate relationships between our owners, the board of directors, and the general manager. The board’s role is to be a representative of the owners through a legal and ethical relationship of trust in this process.

In this model, the general manager is responsible for achieving and demonstrating progress towards our “Ends” (written policies reflecting our values that define results). The board is responsible for monitoring and managing compliance of the general manager to the policies used to achieve those ends.


Growth & Engagement
This committee develops community and owner engagement opportunities that foster greater connection to the co-op. This includes personal engagement, education, and outreach opportunities. Communication and education events are planned and executed in cooperation with the General Manager to enhance community, celebration, and engagement with the Co-op.  The Committee will include representatives of the Board and may include owners and staff owners up to a total of twelve Committee members. 

Policy & Rules
This committee reviews the co-op’s policies and bylaws and drafts policy changes at the board’s direction. It coordinates monitoring, review, and compliance reporting of policies within the policy register and ensures compliance with applicable legislation and regulations.

Board Development
This committee provides resources and information throughout the year to recruit and orientate the board of directors in support of its goals and long-term vision. This includes education and skill development of board members, orienting new directors, as well as recruiting prospective directors.

Annual Report: Year In Review

Every fiscal year (July through June), River Market Community Co-op provides an annual report to inform our stakeholders on how well we achieve our Ends. Our annual report is a narrative of the previous fiscal year including current information about community outreach and donations; financial information (profit & loss statement and balance sheet); as well as messages from the general manager and board president.

River Market By-laws

Bylaws: The Foundation Our Co-op Is Built Upon
Our bylaws serve as the rules governing the procedures of the co-op. They are written to provide directors and owners with definitions of organizational procedures, rights and responsibilities. Bylaws define River Market’s basic democratic structure and provide the general rules for the internal governance of the co-op.

Our bylaws are not hard to read or understand. They are written to be understandable and accessible to a layperson. You are encouraged to act on your right and responsibility of an owner by reading them: 

River Market Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation: How We Conform With Minnesota Cooperative Law 
The River Market Articles of Incorporation serve two basic functions: 1) Basic information required by the state (corporate name, purposes, registered agent, ownership, etc.), and 2) How the organization will comply with the statute of incorporation.

The topics within the River Market Articles of Incorporation may be relatively complex, but can be understood by non-legal professionals. Like our bylaws, you are encouraged to read and review them: