Valentine’s Day

Nothing says “I love you” like good food, right? We have plenty of that to help you express your devotion!

A variety of delicious chocolate is on sale right nowEndangered Species bars, Theo chocolate bars and Chocolove¬†all are at reduced prices in time for Valentine’s Day and all located on our front display by the registers: Convenient! In our bulk department we of course have assorted treats galore – one especially unique item is the chocolate covered quinoa, your whole grain and chocolate fix all in one tasty package.

pie tableRounding out the sweeter side of love are the local, small sized pies from The Pie Table. Perfect for sharing, your special meal will end on a high note with one of these. Don’t forget to pick up a pint of non-dairy, gluten-free Coconut Bliss ice cream, on sale in our frozen section and strawberries, also on sale, in produce!

Looking for ideas for dinner? Bionaturae organic pasta and Monte Bene pasta sauce are both on sale on a front display in the store. IMAG0420Pick up some garlic, fresh basil and a bottle of red wine and you’re set. Or pick up a portion of Misty Fjord salmon in the deli meat freezer and then head over to Stronger Together for plenty of great recipes like this one, for Miso Glazed Salmon.