This Week at the Co-op (11/11)

We have some beautiful Fuyu persimmons in produce – they have a very sweet flavor, are high in vitamin C and fiber and have only 70 calories per 100 grams of fruit. They can be eaten fresh, dried or cooked – delicious no matter how you prepare them. We also received a delivery of crosnes - never heard of them? IMAG0215Neither had we. They’re a tuber, a root vegetable with a delicate flavor. The skin is a pale beige color, and apparently they’re commonly prepared in France by sauteing with a bit of butter and garlic. It’s not often you get to try a vegetable for the first time so don’t miss out on these little delights! Added bonus – they’re local, from Harmony Valley Farm in Viroqua, Wisconsin.

We have a new salad in our packaged grab ‘n go area in the deli, a Wheat-berry salad with feta cheese. It makes a healthy, light lunch if you’re on the go.

You likely read that the FDA has made major steps toward completely banning trans-fats, or at least acknowledging that there is no safe amount for consumption. We’re happy to tell you that your local co-op banned them from our shelves over 5 years ago, once again demonstrating that co-ops are ahead of the curve!

Thank you to River Market owner and local photographer Laurie Schneider for allowing us to display her wonderful photography in our produce department. It’s part of a photo-documentary by Laurie called Sustainable Farmers – Stewards of the Land.IMG_20131109_134322