Thanksgiving Turkeys

The colder weather is a reminder that Thanksgiving isn’t so far away – and that means time to pre-order your Thanksgiving turkey at River Market. This year we will have turkeys from Kadejan and Schultz. Our pre-book is available in our deli department, or you can call 651-439-0366 to reserve yours today.

Larry Schultz is a fourth-generation farmer raising organic chicken and turkeys near Owatanna. He has a long relationship with River Market and the Twin Cities’ co-ops, and has been organic farming before ‘organic’ had the wide-spread popularity it has today.

Kadejan is located about two hours northwest in Glenwood, MN. They are family owned and operated, employing 15 to 20 people depending on the season. Kadejan feeds their poultry whole grains and allows them to roam free.