Remodel Update

Thanks to generous investments by our Owners, we have $70,000 in c-shares! This is basically halfway to our next goal of $150,000. With that amount, we can secure other funds from Lake Elmo bank, allowing us to begin ordering equipment and create a timeline for the project.

River Market’s incredible growth is a primary reason for this remodel, our first since moving downtown in the year 2000. We have thousands of new owners since then, and the growth is not slowing down. To accommodate increased owners and shoppers, we will utilize our current footprint even more effectively.

Along with the fundraising phase, we have also been very busy in the planning phase. Our deli managers spent two hours on Friday with a cooperative consultant, working on logistics, equipment lists, menu ideas and scores of other details.

The deli will be one of the most impacted areas by the remodel, gaining significant space by pushing back into the north end of our location. The offices that are currently housed there will move across the street, giving the deli the space they need to ramp up production capability.

Our front end will be re-arranged and upgraded, allowing for better traffic flow during peak times. Produce and bulk will push out against the walls, and open up the interior spaces. There is a rendered blueprint at the front of the store showing an idea of how the store will look after everything is complete. What you don’t see on the blueprint is upgraded equipment and fixtures, increasing our energy efficiency and lowering our repair bills.

Ask any staff member for more information, we’re all excited to continue working toward an even better co-op for our owners and the community!