Remodel Project Update

Construction for the project is anticipated to begin near the end of April! The outline for the sequencing is complete, and now the specific date ranges are being finalized.

Phase 1 will include the produce area, as well as work in the back areas of the store, where administrative offices were housed. Phase 2 will involve the bulk department, phase 3 will involve the grocery aisles and checkout area. Phase 4 will be work on the frozen section, as well as the back side of the freezers and more work in the back of the store. Phase 5, the final stage of the project, will be the deli. This plan is tentative and subject to change.

Fundraising is still moving forward: 75 River Market owners have together invested $149,500! This has allowed us to secure additional financing and move forward with the project. However we still need to reach $250,000 by the end of the project, so please pick up an offering packet or email to look into investing in your co-op.