October is Co-op Month

One of the most unique qualities of River Market is that we are a cooperative business. We are democratically controlled, and owned by our members (we call them owners). Our owners elect our Board of Directors, and the Board sets policies to govern the operations of the store.Co-op_Month_2013_Poster_8-5x11-teal

To celebrate our status as a cooperative during Co-op Month, we will spotlight a few of the co-ops that we have relationships with.

Many of the spices, herbs and teas in our bulk department come from Frontier, as well as our bulk containers and some other assorted products.

Learn more about Frontier and their co-op heritage here.

Spire Federal Credit Union is a local co-op, although they aren’t in the food or grocery business at all. If you’re looking for an alternative to your big bank, check out the unique qualities of our local credit union.

Learn more about Spire here.

Co-op Partners Warehouse is a local distributor of organic produce, dairy, soy and juice. They have a warehouse in St. Paul, MN and serve food co-ops, natural food stores and restaurants in the Upper Midwest.

Learn more about Co-op Partners Warehouse here.