Classes are held at the Loft, unless otherwise specified. The Loft is located at 218 North Main Street, on the second floor above Images of the Past and Present, directly across Main St. from River Market.

Entrance is located on the south side of the building. The Loft has a room capacity of 21 people. Parking is not allowed in the space next to the building; please use street parking or the River Market parking lot.

Please pre-register in-store at River Market, phone (651) 439-0366 or email Ola Schmelig at Payment due at registration. We accept all major credit cards. If you need to cancel, please notify us at least 3 days in advance for a full refund.

For instructors, here is our class proposal form and Loft best practices.

Companion Planting for the Home Gardener

Saturday, April 11


Ideas on planting vegetable, herb and flower plants for increased yield, decreased pest infestation and reducing weed pressure. Habitat planting for beneficial organisms will be discussed along with tips for garden design and layout. Sara Morrison, owner of The Backyard Grocery, will teach you how to transform your garden plot into a beautiful and bountiful ecosystem.

The class is free for any co-op owners and $5 for non-owners.

Medicinal Herb Garden

Saturday, April 11

1 – 3pm

For centuries many common plants have been used for medicine, food and beauty. In this class you will be introduced to ten important herbs, calendula, lemon balm, yarrow and others, to include in your personal medicinal garden. Presented by Master Herbalist Dr. Kelley Hagenbuch D.C. who will discuss propagation, care and uses of these medicinal herbs.

The class fee is $5 for any co-op owners and $10 for non-owners.

Making Baby Food

Saturday, April 18


Feed your baby and toddler the very best food, homemade by you! Making baby food at home is easy,  and can save you money while feeding your child nutritious healthy food with no scary ingredients. This class will be a brief introduction to making your own baby food from choosing ingredients to storing and freezing it when it’s finished. There will be a demonstration with samples of some of the tasty combinations you can make. Taught by Maren Smith, River Market’s Front End Manager, and mother of two boys. At Ascension Episcopal Church, 214 North Third Street, Stillwater. Call 651-439-2609 for directions.

The class is $5 for any co-op owners and $10 for non-owners.

Community Acupuncture: A Health Care Movement

Tuesday, April 21


Community acupuncture began in Portland, OR, in 2002 when a husband and wife acupuncture team had a vision to make quality health care more accessible with treatments in a quiet group setting and an innovative sliding fee scale. This separates the issue of money and health care, allowing patients to seek care as often as needed. Today the community acupuncture movement is growing throughout the country. Presented by Aimee Van Ostrand, MS O.M., L.Ac. from Healing Within Acupuncture will talk about the philosophy behind the movement, then walk you through a treatment and demonstrate how it’s done. If you’ve been curious about acupuncture, this is a great way to learn more!

The class is free for any co-op owners and $5 for non-owners.

Gardening for Pollinators

Saturday, April 25


There is increasing evidence that many pollinators, including honey bees, are in decline due to a host of reasons. In this class you will learn about pollinators and how you can help by creating a pollinator friendly landscape around your home or workplace. Presented by JoAnne Sabin, beekeeper and a member of the Minnesota Hobby Beekeepers Association (MHBA)

The class is $5 for any co-op owners and $10 for non-owners.

Intro to Vaccines

Wednesday, April 29


This class will offer an in depth view on vaccines and the diseases they prevent, thoughts on how to protect your child if unvaccinated and a look at alternatives to the current vaccination schedule. It will be a presentation of facts with lots of questions to promote more conversation about this controversial issue. Presented by Rebecca Bush, ND from Natural Medicine of Stillwater.

The class is free for any co-op owners and $5 for non-owners.

Taxes and Retirement

Thursday, April 30


This class will cover social security strategies, creating and distributing retirement income, and developing tax advantaged strategies for life after work. Presented by Nick Russell and Mark Ohlman, representatives with Thrivent Financial. Free, registration required.

Tips for Boosting Metabolism and Increasing Energy

Saturday, May 2


In this class you will learn nine effective tips for promoting weight loss naturally. Presented by Lisa Maghrak who will also talk about how our diets, environment, and lifestyle affect our health and metabolism. The class is free for any co-op owners and $5 for non-owners.

Can Probiotics Heal Your Digestive Problems?

Thursday, May 7


Probiotic foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, and kombucha are beneficial and healing to your digestive tract.  So why isn’t your favorite yogurt decreasing the daily bloating, heartburn, gas, and discomfort you are experiencing? Come learn what probiotics can and cannot do for your intestinal health. We will cover all the bases on how to clean, repair and heal your “second brain” with the proper use of probiotics, healthy food choices, and yeast-fighting herbs. Presented by Dr. Kellie Seth, DC from Healing River Chiropractic. The class is free for any co-op owners and $5 for non-owners.

Wild Mushroom Hunting 101

Saturday May 9


This very popular class explores identification and safety information about fifteen different common mushrooms found in this area. Dr. Kelley Hagenbuch D.C., M.H. is a chiropractor, master herbalist, and avid mushroom hunter with years of experience leading wild food and medicine identification classes. The class fee is $15 for any co-op owners and $20 for non-owners.

Edible and Medicinal Wild Plant Hike

Sunday, May 10


Dr. Kelley Hagenbuch D.C., M.H., chiropractor and master herbalist, has been educating the public about the area’s wild bounty and sustainable practices for foraging for the last nine years. Join her for a slow hike to search for plants and mushrooms to identify and discuss in the beautiful Fairy Falls Nature area. The class fee is $10 for any co-op owners and $15 for non-owners. The class is limited to ten people so sign up early!

What’s Bugging You in the Garden?

Thursday, May 14


Come to this class to learn about all the creepy crawlies, harvest spoilers, pollinators, and beneficial insects that are sharing your garden. Presented by Sara Morrison, owner of The Backyard Grocery who will provide tips, tricks, natural potions and other remedies for the home gardener to deal with the friends and foes of the insect world that visit your garden. Class participants are encouraged to bring specimens in for identification – please confine your new friends to a jar!

The class is free for any co-op owners and $5 for non-owners.

Nutrition Response Testing

Thursday, May 21


Imagine having a diagnostic tool which could tell you immediately what is wrong with your body when you are ill, without expensive and time consuming medical testing. Dr. Kellie Seth from Healing River Chiropractic will explain how Nutrition Response Testing harnesses the body’s innate intelligence to help it heal itself. You will also learn how the body can heal itself and how the Nutrition Response Testing technique can easily determine where our body’s deficiencies and symptoms lie.

The class is free for any co-op owners and $5 for non-owners.

How to Make Herbal Infusions

Saturday, June 6


Herbs may be infused several ways to extract important chemicals for use. The most common way is in water, for an herbal tea, or tisane, a longer decoction of medicinal roots or mushrooms and finally steeping or cooking in oil for an oil extraction. We will go over all these methods using at least ten common, traditionally used plants found in this area. Enjoy some gentle medicinal tea that is easy to find and make, and learn how to produce your own herbal balm in this very practical class. Presented by Kelley A. Hagenbuch, D.C., M.H.

The class is $10 for any co-op owners and $15 for non-owners.