Classes are held at the Loft, unless otherwise specified. The Loft is located at 218 North Main Street, on the second floor above Images of the Past and Present, directly across Main St. from River Market.

Entrance is located on the south side of the building. The Loft has a room capacity of 21 people. Parking is not allowed in the space next to the building; please use street parking or the River Market parking lot.

Please pre-register in-store at River Market, phone (651) 439-0366 or email Ola Schmelig at Payment due at registration. We accept all major credit cards. If you need to cancel, please notify us at least 3 days in advance for a full refund.

For instructors, here is our class proposal form and Loft best practices.

Seed Saving 101

Thursday, August 13


Your favorite lettuce, the most succulent tomato, super producing peas…you don’t have to buy those seeds ever again! Join Sara Morrison, owner of The Backyard Grocery for a hands-on class in saving seeds from your garden. You will learn the best ways to select, separate and store seeds from your most favored crops. Other topics covered include the ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ seeds, discussion about the difference between heirloom and hybrid, and the secrets of why things ‘bolt’.

The class is free for any co-op owners and $5 for non-owners.

Growing Garlic 101

Thursday, August 20


Garlic is really easy to grow and if you plant it now, you’ll be rewarded with spring garlic, garlic scapes and garlic cloves throughout the whole summer next year. Come to this class to learn about soil preparation, garlic growing season, harvesting, curing and storing garlic. You will also learn the difference between hardneck and softneck varieties. Presented by Don Slinger who has been growing garlic for many years and presently grows about 40 varieties.

The class is free for any co-op owners and $5 for non-owners.

Genetically Modified Organisms – A Discussion

Thursday, September 3
River Market owner Dan Puraty hosts a discussion about genetically modified ingredients in our food and ways to avoid them if you have concerns about their safety. Free class.

Shinrin Yoku – Forest Immersion Walk

Sunday, September 6


Shinrin Yoku is Japanese for Forest Bathing, or immersing oneself in the atmosphere of the forest. This class is a Forest Immersion Walk with all your senses along the beautiful St. Croix River and Sentient White Pines. We will meet at an enclosed picnic shelter in William O’Brien State Park. The trail is less than a mile long, bring water bottle and wear appropriate clothing. Rain or shine unless unsafe weather.

Presented by Chris Brandt, RN BSN, MS. The class is free to coop owners and $5 for non-owners.

Enhancing Whole Grains and Legumes by Sprouting

Thursday, September 10
Sprouts are one of the most alkalizing, nutritious and easily accessible foods known to man. Being rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes, they can be grown easily in four to six days and require no effort and very little cost. In this class, you will learn simple, inexpensive, minimal equipment sprouting methods to enhance digestibility, enzyme activity, vitamin content and available minerals. You will also learn how to sprout and make oatmeal from naturally hulless oats. Presented by Don Slinger.

The class is free for any co-op owners and $5 for non-owners.

Nature Connection in the Modern World

Saturday, September 12


In the constant hum of the modern world, developing a deep personal connection with the natural world is more important than ever. In this experiential class, we will practice some powerful tools for aiding this relationship, as well as discuss some of the pitfalls of modern life that tend to sabotage it. Discover how this first principle of permaculture – observe and interact with nature – can transform your life, restoring health and spiritual well-being, so you can get on with making the difference you were meant to make for this planet. You will leave with: fresh inspiration for your own connection with nature, a distinction between “nature knowledge” and nature connection, simple tools to integrate into your life immediately. We will meet in the classroom and then go to the ravine near the Stillwater Library.

Presented by Heidi and Jonathan Huebner of Bluebird Hill Homestead.

The class is free for any co-op owners and $5 for non-owners.

Wild Mushroom Hunting 101

Saturday, September 19


This very popular power point presentation class explores identification and safety information for about fifteen different common mushrooms found in this area. Dr. Kelley Hagenbuch D.C., M.H.

is a chiropractor and master herbalist who is an avid mushroom hunter with years of experience leading wild food and medicine identification classes and walks in this area for nine years.

The class fee is $15 for any co-op owners and $20 for non-owners.

Learn to Brew Your Own Kombucha

Saturday, September 26


Learn how to brew your own great tasting kombucha at home at a fraction of the cost of commercial bottled varieties. You will take home a Study Guide with simple instructions plus a starter culture to begin your Kombucha adventure right away. This is a fun, interactive class that includes samplings of several different varieties of kombucha. Presented by Bryan Deane Bertsch, the brewmaster for Deane’s Kombucha.

The class fee is $30 for any co-op owners and $35 for non-owners.

Personal Permaculture

Saturday, October 3


Permaculture isn’t just for the garden – it can help us create a thriving life and build connections with our communities, both locally and globally. In this class we will look closely at the important areas of our lives, and mindfully redesign our environment and what is possible for us within it. Plan for a rich conversation and an opportunity to dive deep into what matters most to you. You will leave with a detailed map of your life and its important elements, a clear sense of direction for an inspired future, and the first tangible steps to designing a thriving life. Presented by Heidi and Jonathan Huebner of Bluebird Hill Homestead.

The class is free for any co-op owners and $5 for non-owners.