Classes are held at the Loft, unless otherwise specified. The Loft is located at 218 North Main Street, on the second floor above Images of the Past and Present, directly across Main St. from River Market.

Entrance is located on the south side of the building. The Loft has a room capacity of 21 people. Parking is not allowed in the space next to the building; please use street parking or the River Market parking lot.

Please pre-register in-store at River Market, phone (651) 439-0366 or email Ola Schmelig at Payment due at registration. We accept all major credit cards. If you need to cancel, please notify us at least 3 days in advance for a full refund.

For instructors, here is our class proposal form and Loft best practices.

Ayurveda and Weight Management

Saturday, June 11


This class will give you a holistic perspective on how to achieve and maintain a healthy weight through natural, individualized practices. We will cover foods, life styles, mindfulness, exercise, positive thinking, loving self-kindness and an awareness of our uniqueness as well as our fundamental connectedness. Participants will learn how to have more peace, contentment, energy, motivation, purpose, an happiness through Ayurveda, a complete system of personalized natural health and healing. Presented by Suzanne Howard, Certified Ayurveda Practitioner of True Nature Wellness.

The class is free for any co-op owners and $5 for non-owners.

Beekeeping Beyond the Basics

Saturday, June 18


JoAnne Sabin, beekeeper and a member of the Minnesota Hobby Beekeepers Association (MHBA) will be back to cover more in depth topics for beekeepers who know the basics. Learn more about bee behavior, hive management, equipment, bee health, and swarms. Bring those pesky questions that come up when you actually have bees. Participants will receive handouts of all topics covered including a list of resources, and will be able to see beekeeping equipment, and catalogs.

The class fee is $35 for any co-op owners and $40 for non-owners.

Gardening for Pollinators

Saturday, June 18


There is increasing evidence that many pollinators, including honey bees, are in decline due to the lack of habitat, poor nutrition, pathogens and parasites, and pesticide use. In this class you will learn about pollinators and how you can help by creating a pollinator friendly landscape around your home or workplace. Presented by JoAnne Sabin, beekeeper and a member of the Minnesota Hobby Beekeepers Association (MHBA) who will also describe some of the pollinator-friendly plants.

The class is $5 for any co-op owners and $10 for non-owners.

Hoop There It Is – Hooping Class

Tuesday, June 21


Looking for new forms of exercise? Hooping is a great way to improve your core strength, posture, cardio, balance, flexibility, self-esteem, state of mind, and so much more. It can be a workout, dance, or meditation. In this class you will learn the basics of hooping and how to hoop like no one is watching – a very important element. We will try different ways of waist hooping, moving while inside the hoop, and possibly some fun hoop dance moves. No experience necessary, wear comfortable clothes (more grippy than slippery). Bring water, and a hoop if you have one – we will provide Big Dance hoops too.  Presented by Mimy Constantine, Hula Hoop Instructor.

The class is $5 for any co-op owners and $10 for non-owners.

Posture Power

Saturday, June 25


Positive body language isn’t the only advantage of good posture. How you hold your body directly affects body function, including your breath, blood flow, and hormone balance. Recent studies prove that a “power pose” triggers hormones in your body to make you feel better about yourself and perform better. Learn the power of posture and how it impacts your physical body, your mental state, and your emotional health. Presented by Teri Leigh, Body Mechanics and Brain Training Specialist. The class is free for any co-op owners and $5 for non-owners.

Processing Poultry 101

Saturday, July 23


Do you raise your own chickens? Interested in learning a bit about pasture-raised poultry? Learn how easy processing your own poultry can be! Come to the farm to watch a live demonstration on how to butcher and eviscerate broiler chickens. Matt Williamson, a River Market Coop Member, will demonstrate and process 8-10 chickens from start (live) to finish (ready to be bagged for the freezer). Chickens will be available for sale and we welcome kids. 7563 26th Street North Oakdale, MN  55128, parking available on grass. For directions call Matt at 651-503-8099.

The class is free for any co-op owners and $5 for non-owners.