Classes are held at the Loft, unless otherwise specified. The Loft is located at 218 North Main Street, on the second floor above Images of the Past and Present, directly across Main St. from River Market.

Entrance is located on the south side of the building. The Loft has a room capacity of 21 people. Parking is not allowed in the space next to the building; please use street parking or the River Market parking lot.

Please pre-register in-store at River Market, phone (651) 439-0366 or email Ola Schmelig at Payment due at registration. We accept all major credit cards. If you need to cancel, please notify us at least 3 days in advance for a full refund.

For instructors, here is our class proposal form and Loft best practices.

Authentic Mexican Cooking: Salsa

Saturday, September 13


Enjoy the heat of summer with these quick and easy salsas. Susana Perez will share her family recipes for making salsa verde and two kinds of salsa roja. Susana will also demonstrate how to make taquitos – small rolled up tortillas with meat or potato filling – traditionally served with salsa. The class fee is $5 for member-owners and $10 for non-owners.

Putting Your Veggie Garden to Bed for Winter

Saturday, September 20


Learn the essentials of fall clean up so your garden is ready to plant as soon as the snow melts next spring. We will talk about how to dispose of any diseased or invested plants, as well as enriching your soil to ensure an abundant crop next season. Presented by Heidi and Jonathan Heubner of Bluebird Hill Homestead. The class is free for any co-op owners and $5 for non-owners.

Collecting Mushrooms 101

Saturday, September 27


Join Kelley Hagenbuch, D.C., M.H., a Master Herbalist from Taylor’s Falls for an introduction to mushroom hunting. Kelley will cover safety issues, identification details, collection procedures and present pictures of 10 different varieties that are common to this area. Please bring any mushroom books you own to the class. The class fee is $15 for member-owners and $20 for non-owners.

Feed Kids Real Food

Thursday, October 9

7:00–8:30 p.m.

Teaching our children to feed themselves a healthy diet are among a parent’s most important responsibilities. Let Dr. Kellie Seth, DC. help you teach them to build vibrant bodies and minds and to

enjoy a lifetime of healthy cooking and eating during the early years. She will share her top 10 tips for    the healthy-eating child, covering: strategy, nutrient-dense food choices, and child empowerment plus delicious samples and tested recipes to take home.

The class is free for any co-op owners and $5 for non-owners. 

Learn to Brew Kombucha

Saturday, October 11


Learn how to brew your own great tasting kombucha at home at a fraction of the cost of commercial bottled varieties. You will take home a Study Guide with simple instructions plus a starter culture to begin your Kombucha adventure right away. This is a fun, interactive class that includes samplings of several

different varieties of kombucha. Presented by Bryan Deane Bertsch, the brewmaster for Deane’s Kombucha. The class fee is $30 for River Market owners and $35 for non-owners.

Going Gluten Free the Healthy Way

Thursday, October 16


Do you know what gluten really is and where you find it? In this class you will learn the body signs that

indicate a gluten sensitivity, discover hidden sources of gluten in common foods and ingredients and find out how to make gluten free eating simple and easy with the meal planning, shopping tips and recipes. This course qualifies for 2.4 continuing education credits for registered nurses. RNs are responsible for determining whether this course meets their needs. Presented by Nutritional Weight and Wellness.

The class fee is $25 for River Market owners and $30 for non-owners.

Thyroid Health

Saturday, October 18


It’s estimated that as many as 59 million Americans have a thyroid problem, but the majority don’t know it yet. When your thyroid doesn’t function, it can affect every aspect of your health, and in particular, weight, depression and energy levels. In this class, Dr. Daryl L. Cooper D.C., F.A.S.B.E. will talk about the effect of thyroid dysfunction on your body and brain and what steps you can take to start a path to health again. The class is free for any co-op owners and $5 for non-owners.

Super Foods for the Seasons

Tuesday, October 21


Eat this, don’t eat that, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Kathy Tobias, Wellness and Health Coach, will explain the three categories of super foods, fats, good carbs, and healthy fats. The class will tour the store and have a tasting along with a recipe to bring home.

The class is free for any co-op owners and $5 for non-owners.

Natural Food for Your Felines

Wednesday, October 22


With the recent pet food recalls and an epidemic of health problems in dogs and cats, you may be tempted to make your own pet food but don’t know where to start. In this class you will learn the basics of cat nutrition and how to prepare food that is closer to what cats would consume in the wild. It will include a recipe, a demonstration of taking apart a whole chicken and meat grinding, troubleshooting tips, and suggestions on where to look for more information. Presented by Jess Zamora-Weiss of Mississippi Market. At Valley Outreach Teaching Kitchen, 1901 Curve Crest Blvd. W, Stillwater. The class is free for River Market Co-op owners and $5 for non-owners.

Autumn: The Secrets to Soups

Thursday, October 23


The making of soups is a culinary technique, a health practice and a way to save time and money. Autumn farmers’ markets are replete with immune-strengthening foods that are essential to health during the winter months. Learn the power-house healing potential of autumn soups. Presented by Dr. Kellie Seth, DC who will teach the varieties of immune-enhancing foods, the five elements of traditional healing soup and the basics of soup preparation. Sample a delicious and healing soup and take home recipes the whole family will love. The class is free for any co-op owners and $5 for non-owners.

Saving Money At Your Co-op

Saturday, October 25


Learn how to stretch your dollar and make your shopping more sustainable. Maren Smith, Front End Manager, will talk about a variety of ways to get discounts, coupons, budget-cutting tips, using membership benefits, and much more. You will also be able to enter a drawing for a gift card to use for shopping at River Market.  Free, registration required.

Is Beekeeping For You? Part 1

Saturday, October 25

11:30am-2:30pm – with a 15 min lunch break

Have you thought about keeping bees but are not sure what is involved or if it suits you?  JoAnne Sabin is an experienced beekeeper and beekeeping instructor who will describe the benefits, temperament, location requirements, safety concerns, effort, and cost required so you can decide if beekeeping is for you. Presented by JoAnne Sabin, beekeeper and a member of the Minnesota Hobby Beekeeper Association (MHBA).The class fee is $10 for owners and $15 for non-owners.

Natural Body Wisdom

Saturday, November 1


Listening to the body’s language has been a part of natural health care for centuries. Pulse can give a clue about health as well as effective treatment, muscle response time – applied kinesiology – can give good information about nervous system health as well as body preferences, and even intuition can be used to hone in on medicinal herbs or organs that need the most attention. Presented by Dr. Kelley Hagenbuch D.C., M.H. The class is free for any co-op owners and $5 for non-owners.

A Guide to Holiday Weight Management

Thursday, November 6


You have worked hard to stay healthy year-round, but do you know the fool-proof secrets to avoiding the average 3 lb. holiday weight gain? Strategize and enjoy the holiday festivities by incorporating the ten weight-management secrets that will stay with you through-out the year. Learn and have fun with

Dr. Kellie Seth, DC, and take home the ten healthy-eating secrets and delicious healthy holiday recipes!

The class is free for any co-op owners and $5 for non-owners.

Are You Ready To Reverse Your Diabetes?

Saturday, November 15


In this class you will learn why diabetes is an inflammatory condition, identify common foods that cause inflammation, the correct exercise for the diabetic, why low fat diet is not good, and the curriculum to reverse diabetes naturally. Presented by Dr. Daryl L. Cooper D.C., F.A.S.B.E.

The class is free for any co-op owners and $5 for non-owners.