Meet Your Farmer – Micah From Hungry Turtle

Meet Your Farmer: Micah from Hungry Turtle Farmers Co-op

When: Saturday, August 15 1 – 2 pm
Where: River Market produce department

What Else: Featuring produce and meat Samples


About Hungry Turtle:

We were formed by a group of small local CSA Farms with the hope that by banding together we can increase our buying power, growing power, and knowledge base. Our goal is to help small farms increase sales, create new markets where possible, not to push aside other small farms who have worked hard to grow their own businesses, and also specialize in products that are hard to find.


We are located in Amery, WI at the Amery Food Hub building. This building also houses the Hungry Turtle Institute, which schedules classes for farms as well as events and classes for the general public. We also have the Farm Table Restaurant in the building which focuses on “scratch cooking” with seasonal products from small local farms.


Not all of our farms are certified organic, but all members are required to grow organically- no gmo’s, pesticides, herbicides etc. Our livestock farms focus on humane, sustainable practices that benefit both the land and the well-being of the animals. Beef is grass fed, pork and poultry are pasture raised, with non gmo feeds. All our member farms take great pride in the work they do, and welcome visits from consumers. I arrange farm tours spring through fall for anyone who is interested. We are growing and adding products and services all the time.