Local Thanksgiving Turkeys

We’re offering two brands of turkeys, both are local – Kadejan is based in Glenwood, MN and Larry Schultz is in Owatonna, MN. Schultz turkeys are certified Organic. The USDA Organic seal is the “gold standard” of food labels because it represents a federally-regulated, transparent and sustainable food system. Consumers wishing to avoid added hormones and antibiotics, promote animal welfare, and foster biodiversity can look to the USDA Certified Organic seal for assurance that a product meets these standards.

Larry Schultz Organics
Larry Schultz has been raising poultry on his 4 generation family farm in Owatonna, MN since 1992. From their website: “(Larry Schultz Turkeys) are fed certified organic feed which contains no antibiotics, herbicides, or pesticides. Minnesota winters can pack a punch, but once we get through the winter it’s always a treat to swing open the barn doors and watch as the chickens charge outside to enjoy the many wonders of nature. The turkeys are raised seasonally through the summer and fall months. They enjoy the outdoors once they are feathered and ready for summer. You will find that Schultz chickens and turkeys are more flavorful, succulent, and enjoyable than their commercial comparisons. They have that old fashioned flavor, the way chickens and turkeys used to taste. I think you’ll agree there isn’t a more tasty bird around!” River Market proudly carries Certified Organic Larry Schultz Eggs and Poultry year round!

From a recent Heavy Table article:

“Kadejan got its start in 1989 as Pope County Poultry Processing, processing birds for local farmers. In the years that followed, in part due to encouragement from chefs such as Lenny Russo and support from co-ops including Mississippi Market, the company began wholesaling free-range, air chilled, antibiotic- and growth-stimulant-free chickens.”

“The 30-employee company has developed a statewide reputation that has elevated it to among the biggest of the small guys (or the smallest of the big guys, depending upon how you’re measuring your flock sizes).

“They have a different flavor and texture because they don’t have as high a fat content as other birds,” says Gienger. “We don’t try to pump up weight and add fat to the bird. And texturewise, it’s different because we air chill. We’ve been air chilling since ’89. That really sets us apart. It’s not a forced-air blast; it’s more that they’re put into a big, oversized refrigerator”

As the company has grown and evolved, so has the market. “Over the last five years, people have been asking a lot more questions,” Gienger says. “People call in asking how we raise the birds, how we feed the birds — a lot of people call in with allergy questions, too. People see the chicken industry, and they think we’re a big chicken company, but we’re not. We’re trying to convey that to them and approach questions with honesty and transparency. We don’t have to hide anything, and I like that about my job.”

Part of the story of Kadejan’s chickens — and with any animal raised for meat — is what the birds are fed. “We finish with a higher quality than a lot of places,” says Gienger. “We do organic oregano in with the feed — that we get from a guy in Princeton, Minn. We make sure the feed is fresh, and we use well water, too. For about four years now we’ve been working on our own feed mill. That’s going to be our next step, and the feed will be non-GMO. That’ll allow us to be more transparent and bring a higher quality to our product.”