Farm Tour is Result of Jolly Cooperation

On July 19, local farms around the metro area extend an invitation to visit their land and see where and how they grow our food.

The Eat Local Farm Tour is the result of cooperation among co-ops. Staff members from Mississippi Market, Eastside Food Co-op, The Wedge, Seward, Valley Natural Foods, Just Food Co-op, St. Peter Food Co-op, Linden Hills Co-op, People’s Food Co-op,Lakewinds and River Market got together to plan and organize a day for citizens of the Twin Cities to visit local farms.

Download the Farm Tour booklet here

Why would these independent co-ops work together to connect people across the metro area to the farms that grow our food? Because we believe transparency regarding our food is important, and we believe relationships are key to building community.

Charlie Johnson with Trista

Charlie Johnson with Trista, our produce manager

Charlie Johnson at Whistling Well Farm, just south of Afton, invites you to meet him and see where and how he grows apples. Lisa and Hallie at 10th Street Farm & Market in Afton would be delighted to explain techniques they use inside their nesting hoop houses where they grow tender and delicious micro greens. This connection to our community is at the heart of what defines a co-op.

These hard-working members of our community provide us with one of the essential components for survival – our food. When you buy a local apple at River Market this coming autumn, you are helping Charlie continue doing what he loves. You are helping him repair his farm equipment, you are helping him heat his house, and when you shake Charlie’s hand and introduce yourself to him on July 19, you will know how much he appreciates it.

Looking for an excuse to hop in the car on a sunny summer Saturday with your family and take a drive in the country? Seeing where your food is grown may be a compelling reason. If we did not have these local farmers a short drive away growing food for us, where would we be getting it? It would be much more difficult to know exactly where it came from, and certainly difficult to know the names of the farmer, and nearly impossible to arrange a visit to see where and how they’re growing what we eat. This is a privilege we’re fortunate to have, and we hope you celebrate it with us on the farm and in the fields on July 19.

Tour booklets will be available in July at River Market and all the other stellar co-ops listed above.