Deli, Meat & Bakery


Our deli serves made-to-order sandwiches, hot soup and a variety of other ready-to-eat options. We have a comfortable seating area with tables and a counter overlooking Main Street.

The meat department has a great selection of local, grass-fed and organic option.

We have a large selection of local bread, and several gluten-free options.


burrito line



Check out our made-to-order burrito bar next time you’re looking for a great meal! You can get a tortilla or a burrito bowl, choose from veggie, chicken or beef,  and customize your toppings.

Eat on the go or relax in our comfortable seating area with friends – it’s a healthy, fast meal when you’re downtown Stillwater.







Down in the Valley

Pork products from Down in the Valley are sourced from their farm partner, Hidden Stream Farm in Elgin, Minnesota. Eric and Lisa Klein are the farm owners, and their farm is growing slowly to keep quality and customer satisfaction high. Eric and Lisa are satisfied in knowing that, “We are providing healthy food for our customers and we are able to make a living on a small farm while raising our kids. Our hope is that more and more people recognize the importance of healthy fresh food, even when it is not always the cheapest way to go. We would love to see more young people get into farming and raising local foods.”

The following applies to all Down in the Valley products:

  • Animals are humanely raised
  • Animals have access to clean air, sunlight and pasture
  • Animals have 24-hour access to water
  • Herds and flocks are not over-crowded
  • Farms have clean, well bedded facilities
  • Partners are local producers or processors from a tri-state area (MN, WI, IA)
  • Meat is free of added hormones, antibiotics, fillers or dyes
  • Meat labeled as Grass-Fed is 100% Grass-Fed
  • Animals are processed in a local USDA inspected facility

Bread Art

Bread Art bakery is owned and operated by the Peterson’s: Chris and Heather.

Chris and Heather opened the bakery in 2005, after Chris spent many years working as a pastry chef and Heather worked both as an administrative assistant for Land O’ Lakes and also within the restaurant industry. Now, both owners are working in the bakery every day and come home to their four kids each evening. Chris’ love for creating pastries and Heather’s love for designing wedding cakes and coming up with recipes for their breads keeps them busy year-round.

breadart1 breadart2

Beeler’s Pure Pork

“The best tasting pork products on the planet! All from animals raised without antibiotics or growth promotants and that are vegetarian fed.” Raised on a family farm in Iowa.