Bulk spicesRiver Market’s bulk department offers a money-saving alternative to packaged products. Shopping in bulk is easy — bring your own containers to refill, or use one of the bags we provide. You can buy as much or as little as you need. Trying out a new recipe and only need a pinch of paprika? No need to buy an entire spice container filled with it, just come buy a pinch. Not only does it save you money, it keeps your spices fresher.

And we have a lot more than just spices and herbs available in bulk — rice, flours, nuts, teas, coffee, peanut butter, beans, grains and many, many more items.

Come explore our bulk department and you’ll be impressed by the fresh, money-saving alternatives to packaged products.

Instant Mix Product Instructions

Nature’s Burger

Curried Lentil Soup

Black Beans

Tabouli Salad


Split Pea Soup

Sweet Corn Chowder

Calico Bean Mix

Olde World Pilaf