Building My iUse Personal Solar System

Saturday, Oct. 6, 10am-4pm

A one-day introductory course for people interested in learning about solar power and building a solar system that can be used for a number of applications. The class consists of three parts: in the first part, you will learn basics of solar electricity along with the components, workings, and applications of personal solar. In the second part, you’ll build a battery to store the charge from your solar panel and learn how to maintain and manage it. In the last part, you’ll build your own personal solar system to power kitchen appliances for cooking, lights for the shed or garden, or just about anything that could use reliable, green energy. This class is solar made simple and is meant for individuals of all ages. It is taught by green energy gurus Joaquin Thomas and Tyler Tracy of GoSolar! The class fee of $299 includes all the kits and instruction necessary to complete the course.