Bike and Hike Group

As members of River Market, we are supporting our health collectively by supporting healthy food systems for nutritious, often local food. In addition to all the widely known benefits of an active lifestyle, a study published by the University of Minnesota last year found a strong association between cardiovascular activity and the preservation of cognitive function later in life. We can’t deny the process of aging, but the evidence is stronger than ever that an active lifestyle means a longer, happier life. We need to get up and move!

As a way to bring community into this idea, in 2014 I started a Bike and Hike group (The Trail Trotters) as a sponsored program through River Market.  It’s an informal group of people who get together every other week during the spring, summer and fall to embark on a bike or hike together.  Most of the trips are local but we also ventured out to a couple of trails in the metro area, visiting great places like the Gateway Trail, Fairy Falls, Cannon Falls, Square Lake, Willow River, and William O’Brien state park. We are starting this group again this spring and invite everyone who shares the passion for healthy exercise to join in.  The group last year was a bit on the leisure hike and bike side, and the hardier folks would just go ahead and meet us at the end of the trail, many times at a restaurant or coffee shop.   We encourage all ages to join in because going forward we need to build multi-generational communities.  Young people will benefit from knowing people in my age group, and people my age benefit from knowing younger people.  Bring your whole family.  We have a lot to share when we take the time to be together.   Hikes are anywhere from 3 – 5 miles round trip, and bikes can be up to 20 miles round trip. To plan 2015 trips, we invite you to a meeting April 15, 6:00 p.m. at River Market meeting space. We need your input – the group, the dates, the trails, everything, is decided on democratically by the members of the group! Have a certain trail or park you love or have always wanted to visit? Stop by and let us know.

Make the commitment to your health through exercise, to building a multi-generational community, and having fun – join The Trail Trotters this Spring and let’s move together!

I’ll look forward to seeing you on April 15, 6:00 p.m. at the River Market meeting space across from the co-op on the second floor.  

By Ann DeLavergne